Please look at the Aviv Analytical list of technologies in the links at the left side of the website. 
GC-MS with Cold EI - The ultimate performance GC-MS. Our flagship product, the 5975-SMB is capable of analyzing the most challenging samples and address the most challenging applications. 
EI-LC-MS with SMB - Library searchable EI mass spectra with uniform, compound independent response, without ion suppression effects.  

ChromatoProbe - Cost effective, easy to use powerful MS probe combined with effective thermal desorption capability for extract free GC-MS analysis of samples in complex and dirty matrices. Originally developed by us it is now becoming a GC-MS industry standard being distributed by five vendors.    
SnifProbe - Innovative and effective device for the sampling of air pollution, aroma and any other airborne compounds (including labile explosives) for its accurate lab GC and GC-MS analysis.  
Tal-Aviv Molecule Identifier (TAMI) software  - Innovative sample identification software (US patent) triggered directly from your data analysis software (Chemstation, MassHunter etc.) and automatically linked with the NIST library search. The TAMI software enables you to obtain ultimate confidence level in sample identification via the provision of elemental formulae from unit resolution quadrupoles MS.
Aviv Analytical Fast GC - Innovative low thermal mass fast GC inlet (US Patent) that provides sub one minute total analysis cycle time plus a few additional benefits.
Pulsed Flow Modulation GCxGC-MS with Cold EI - Reliable, simple and cryogen free modulator for GCxGC which is seamlessly compatible with our 5975-SMB with its 20 ml/min second column flow rate requirements.
Open Probe Fast GC-MS - Real time analysis with separation and library identification. The fastest, easiest to use and most flexible MS probe. Our Open Probe Fast GC-MS competes with DESI, DART and ASAP in fast organic surface analysis while being used with your low cost single quad systems of GC-MS.