Custom SMB Solutions

Aviv Analytical's team is highly experienced with all aspects of gas chromatography mass spectrometry, particularly GC-MS with supersonic molecular beams (SMB) (GC-MS with Cold EI). We haves extensive experience in the designed, operation and optimization of all parts of GC-MS and GC, from sample collection via sample introduction, injectors, GC oven and separation technologies, ion sources, ion optics, ion detectors, GC detectors and data analysis software.
We are also highly experienced in all aspects of supersonic molecular beams including free jets gas dynamics, cluster beams, gas-surface scattering, laser spectroscopy of samples in SMB, combustion research with SMB and SMB related vacuum chambers, nozzles (CW and pulsed), beam collimation skimmers and SMB ion sources.

We, at Aviv Analytical, would by happy to consider any project, product or research that involves supersonic molecular beams.

In addition, we shall be happy to develop an optimal method of operation of our 5977-SMB GC-MS with Cold EI for your specific application.

Thus, please contact us and let us know about your supersonic molecular beam research and/or requirements, and we could discuss available options together.