Aviv Analytical can analyze it for you

Aviv Analytical's laboratory is uniquely equipped with our 5977-SMB GC-MS with Cold EI and thus can analyze for you the most challenging samples. We can analyze large, polar and labile compounds that can-not be analyzed by any other GC-MS (or LC-MS) and provide trustworthy molecular ions plus their NIST library identification and/or elemental formula with our TAMI software.

Typical analysis examples:

  • Synthetic organic compounds. We can analyze much larger synthetic compounds than any GC-MS, provide molecular ions, elemental formula information and chemical reaction yields.
  • Petrochemical and Geochemical Oils and fuels. We uniquely provide isomer distribution analysis for optimized fuel/oil value plus molecular ions information for all hydrocarbons including highly branched isomers.
  • Fats and triglycerides in foods and products.
  • Entomology research, insect waxes.
  • Forensic analysis of unknown compounds.
  • Any other challenging samples
For further information on GC-MS with Cold EI applications and benefits please look at our major application list

You can also view selected applications of GC-MS with Cold EI at the Advanced GC-MS Blog Journal

Contact us and share your analytical needs so we can discuss possible solutions, and you can then ship your samples to us for analysis. We can also allow you to watch the analysis over Skype for your immediate feedback

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